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universities in Nigeria : IJMB – secure direct admission

universities in Nigeria : IJMB – secure direct admission

universities in Nigeria : IJMB – secure direct admission. IJMB – secure direct admission into 200 Level in various universities in Nigeria. The IJMB program in Nigeria has helped many students secure their ticket into the 200 Level in Various Universities without having to sit for the JAMB exam and at a considerably lower cost. The Institution was established to provide qualitative and reliable educational assessment, encouraging academic and moral excellence and promoting sustainable human resource development.

Hundreds of Thousands of students apply and sit for UTME yearly but only about 20% are successful in securing admission into Nigeria universities. Most of these candidates, who fail to secure admission, reapply in subsequent years thereby worsening the admission burden in Nigerian Universities. Even for those who come off successful with over 200 scores in UTME, some of them end up not being able to secure admission. The worst dilemma is that they cannot use the result in the following year, as the UTME result is only valid for one (1) year, as against the IJMB result which has no expiry date.

This is particularly why the IJMB Advanced Level programme is a better recommendation. Other Advanced level programmes, apart from IJMB include NAGCE, CAMBRIDGE, among others.

The IJMB Advanced Level programme runs for a period of two semesters, after which a successful IJMB student graduates into 200 levels in the University through direct entry. All courses are available for the IJMB programme.

Candidates seeking admission into the IJMB programme must possess a minimum of 5 Credits in relevant O level subjects from WAEC, NECO or NABTEB in not more than two sittings. Awaiting results can also apply for the IJMB programme.

Lectures on the IJMB programme are guided by the approved IJMB syllabus and the contents of the IJMB syllabus cover the University 100 level syllabus and above, which must be taught within a period of two semesters.

The entire IJMB examination process is moderated by the IJMB headquarters, ABU, Zaria together with JAMB-approved moderators at the approved IJMB affiliated institutions.

More about the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB)

The Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE) is a qualifying examination into Nigerian and Foreign Universities. The IJMB examination is primarily for Advanced Level subjects for Direct Entry into 200 level in the Universities.

The syllabus for the IJMB Examination is compiled in line with international standard educational requirements and admission requirements of various Universities, Nigeria and overseas.

The IJMB syllabus is designed to be covered in only one (1) academic session over a period of two (2) semesters. The content of the IJMB syllabus is structured in such a way to ensure that all the topics in the IJMB subjects are covered within the two semesters. A list of relevant IJMB reading texts is provided at the end of each IJMB subject syllabus to guide the institutions, lecturers and students in the course of running the IJMB programme.

For effective coverage of the IJMB syllabus, a minimum of 8-10 lecture hours per week is recommended, IJMB practical and field works included. The IJMB syllabus may be revised every eight (8) years.


IJMB is a national educational programme approved by the Federal Government, coordinated nationwide by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, with different affiliated Study Centres across the country. The IJMB programme provides a platform that enables successful IJMB candidates to secure direct admission into 200 Levels in Nigerian Universities and Abroad.


Annually, about 30,000 candidates are put in for the IJMB programme, out of which about 20,000 applicants come off successful at the end of the IJMB programme, and secure admission with the IJMB result into 200 levels in various Universities nationwide.


IJMBE is certified by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC) and Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) has an A’level programme that qualifies candidates to secure direct admission into 200 Level in the Universities upon successful completion of the IJMB programme.


Candidates for the IJMB Advanced Level Examination should refer to the current JAMB brochure for appropriate IJMB subject combinations leading to the proposed course of study in the University. Each IJMB candidate shall enrol and sit for only three (3) subjects for the final IJMB examination.

  • PA = Public Admin
    BAF = Banking and Finance.
    MK = Marketing.
    AE = Agriculture Engineering.
    MC = Mass Comm.
    URP = Urban Reg. Plan
1.001O/L English Only 
2.002O/L Maths Only 
3.003O/L English and Maths 
4.004Acct, Bus. Mgt., A/L Maths.Acct; Bus. Admin., PA, BAF, MK
5.005Acct, Bus. Mgt., EconsAcct; Bus. Admin., Econs, PA, BAF, MK
6.006Acct, Bus. Mgt., Geog.Acct; Bus. Admin., PA, BAF, MK
7.007Acct, Bus. Mgt., Govt.Acct; Bus. Admin., PA, BAF, MK
8.008Acct, Bus. Mgt., SocioAcct; Bus. Admin., Sociol, PA, BAF, MK
9.009Acct, Econs, Geog.Acct; Bus. Admin., Econs, PA, BAF, MK, URP
10.010Acct, Econs, Govt.Acct; Bus. Admin., Econs, PA, BAF, MK, MC
11.011Acct, Econs, Sociol.Acct; Bus. Admin., Econs., Sociol., PA, BAF
12.012Acct., Geog., A/L Maths.Acct; Bus. Admin., Geog., PA, BAF, MK, URP
13.013Acct., Geog., Govt.Acct; Bus. Admin., Geog., PA, BAF, MK
14.014Acct., Geog., Sociol.,Acct., Bus. Admin., Sociol., Mass Com.; PA., BAF, MK.
15.015Acct., Govt., A/L Maths.Acct; Bus. Admin., PA, BAF, MK
16.016Acct., Govt., Sociol.,Acct., Bus. Admin., Sociol., Pol. Sci.; Inter. Studies; PA., BAF, MK, Mass Com.
17.017Arabic; French; CRSSingle Honours
18.018Arabic; French; ISSingle Honours
19.019Arabic, Govt., HausaPol. Sc.; Inter. Studies; Mass Com., Single Honours
20.020Arabic; Govt; Isl. St.Pol. Sc.; Inter. Studies; Mass Com., Single Honours
21.021Arabic., Hausa; Hist.Archaeology (ABU); Mass Com., Pol. Sc., Inter. Science, Single Honours
22.022Arabic., Hausa; Isl. St.Single Honours
23.023Arabic, Hausa; Lit.;Law, Single Honours.
24.024Arabic., Hist; Isl. St.Law, Pol. Sc., Archeology, Single Hononurs
25025Arabic.,Hist; Lit.Law, Single Honours., MC., Pol. Sci., Inter Studies., Archeology
26.026Biol; Chem; A/L MathsMedicine, Vet. Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochem., Micro biology, Agricultural Sci., Tex Sc., Single Honours
27.027Biol; Chem; Geog.,Agric Sc.; Archeology, Biochem.; Micro Biology, Physiology, Single Honours
28.028Bio; Chem; Geol,Single Honours in any of three subject, Biochem, Micro biology, Physiology, Single honours
29029Bio; Chem., PhysicsMedicine, Vet. Medicine, Agric. Sc., Engineering, Textile Sci., and Technology, Pharmacy, Biochem., Geophysics, Archeology, Micro Biology, Single Honours
30.030Bus. Mgt., Econs., A/l MathsBus. Admin., Econs, Acct., URP, BAF, MK
31.031Bus. Mgt., Econs., Geog.Bus. Admin., Econs, Acct., URP, BAF, MK
32.032Bus. Mgt., Econs., Govt.Bus. Admin., Econs, Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, public Admin., Mass Com., Acct., BAF, MK
33.033Bus. Mgt., Econs.,SociologyBus. Admin., Single Honours, Acct., PA, BAF
34.034Bus. Mgt., Geog., A/L MathsBus. Admin., Environmental sciences, Acct., PA, BAF, MK
35.035Bus. Mgt., Geog., Govt.Bus. Admin., Public Admin.,, Acct., BAF, MK
36.036Bus. Mgt., Geog., SociologyBus. Admin., Sociology, Acct., PA, BAF, MK
37.037Bus. Mgt., Govt., SociologyBus. Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin., Acct., BAF, MK
38.038Chem., Geog., A/L MathsEnvl Sc., Agric. Science, Archeology, Textile Sci., Single Honours
39.039Chem., Geog., PhysicsEnvl Sc., Agric. Science, Archeology, Textile Sci., Single Honours
40.040Chem., Geol., A/L MathsEnvl Sc., Agric. Science, Archeology, Textile Sci.
41.041Chem., Geol., physicsEnvl Sc., Agric. Science, Archeology, Textile Sci., Single Honours
42.042Chem., Physics, A/L MathsEnvl Sc., Agric Science, Text Sc., Engr., Comp Sc., Geophysics, Single Honours
43.043CRS, Govt., HausaSingle Honours, Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin., Mass Com
44.044CRS, Govt., LitSingle Honours, Law, B. Sc. Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin., Mass Com
45.045CRS, Hausa, Hist.Single Honours, Archeology (ABU), Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin., Mass Com
46.046CRS, Hausa., LitSingle Honours, Law
47.047CRS, Hist.,, LitSingle Honours, Law, Archeology (ABU), Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Mass Com
48.048Econs; Geog., A/L MathsEnvl Sc., URP, Single Honours, Acct, BAF, PA, MK
49.049Econs; Geog., Govt.URP, Single Honours, Acct, BAF, PA, MK, MC
50.050Econs; Geog., SociologyURP, Single Honours in all three Subject, Acct, BAF, PA
51.051Econs; Govt., A/L MathsSingle Honours, Acct, BAF, PA, Pol. Sc., Inter Studies, Mass Com., Econs
52.052Econs, Govt., SociologyEcons, Single Honours, Acct, BAF, PA, Pol. Sc., Inter Studies, Mass Com., Econs, Sociology.
53.053French, Govt., CRSSingle Honours, Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin.
54.054French, Govt., ISSingle Honours, Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin.
55.055French, Lit., HausaSingle Honours, Law, MC
56.056French, Hist., CRSSingle Honours, Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin., Archeology
57057French, Hist., IRSSingle Honours, Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin., Archeology
58.058French, Hist., LitSingle Honours, Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin., Law, MC, Archeology
59.059Geog., Govt., A/L MathsEnvl. Sc., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies, Geog., Public Admin.
60.060Geog., Govt., SociologyURP, Sociology, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Geog., Inter Studies
61.061Geog., Hist., SociologySingle Honours, Sociology, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies
62.062Geog., Physics, A/L MathsSingle Honours, Envl. Sc., Engr. (Not Chemical Engr), Comp. Sc.
63063.Geol., Physics, A/L MathsSingle Honours, Envl. Sc., Engr., Archeology(Ibadan), Comp. Sc.
64.064Govt., Hausa, ISSingle Honours, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies
65.065Govt., IS., LitSingle Honours, Archeology, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies, Law, MC
66.066Hausa, Hist., Lit.Single Honours, Archeology, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies, Law, MC
67.067Hausa, IS, Hist.Single Honours,, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies
68.068Hausa, IS, LitSingle Honours, Law
69.069Hist., IS., Lit.Single Honours, Archeology, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies, Law, MC
70.070Sociology, Arabic, LitSingle Honours, Law, MC
71.071Sociology, French, LitSingle Honours, Law, MC
72.072Sociology, Hausa, LitSingle Honours, Law, MC
73.073Sociology, Yoruba, LitSingle Honours, LLB Law,B. Sc. Sociology
74.074Yoruba, French, CRSSingle Honours
75.075Yoruba, French, ISSingle Honours
76.076Yoruba, CRS, Govt.Single Honours,, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies
77.077Yoruba, CRS, Lit.Single Honours
78.078Yoruba, Govt., LitSingle Honours,, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies, MC
79.079Yoruba, IS, Lit.Single Honours, Law
80.080Yoruba, IS, Govt.Single Honours,, Public Admin., Pol. Sc., Inter Studies, MC

IJMB Requirements And Cost

Applicants must pass five subjects at credit level at not more than two sittings in the SSCE/GCE organized by WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and should include the major subjects of study. Candidates who are expecting the release of their ‘O’ level results CAN also apply by indicating their “Awaiting Result” status appropriately ONLINE.

The programme is for a duration of 9 months divided into two semesters (c) Eligibility: IJMB programme is open to all interested candidates nationwide. The venue of the programme depends on the candidates choice, all interested IJMB Applicants are expected to choose from our various study centres nationwide, the centre they wish to do the programme during their online registration, based on the Study Centre Availability at the time of registration. So therefore earlier registration is advisable.

REGISTRATION FORM₦10,000₦10,000₦10,000
ACCEPTANCE FEES₦30,000₦30,000₦30,000
TUITION FEES₦150,000₦180,000₦100,000

Candidates are allowed to Pay the School Fees in Two Installments Within 4 months. Students may choose to stay on campus or off-campus at will. Hostel Facilities are available for all students.

IJMB Academic Calendar

IJMB calendar starts by November every year and it ends by April for the registration of the following year. By March, while the registration is still going on, the lectures for the session will start, which is usually within the mid of March and early April.

IJMB Registration Steps

To secure direct admission into 200 Level in various universities in Nigeria via the IJMB programme, proceed thus; you are to fill the online IJMB Pre-Registration form (Candidates are advised to use Capital Letters when filling the IJMB form). Click Here To Fill IJMB Pre-Registration Form

Log In to Complete IJMB Registration

After Successfully filling the IJMB preregistration form, You are to log in with your email and Password to Complete your IJMB Registration. Click here to log into your IJMB portal

Payment of Registration Fee
  • Candidates are supposed to pay the sum of N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira only).
  • Account Name: Great AODAC Global Network Limited
  • Account Number: 0020732244
  • Bank Name: Access Bank Plc.
  • Amount: N5,000

It should be noted that Brainfill Academy also has a dedicated application page for IJMB registration.

Universities Accepting IJMB

Both private and federal State Universities in Nigeria accept the IJMB. Below is the list of different universities that accept IJMB without issues.

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, BauchiAbia State University, Uturu.Achievers University, Owo
Ahmandu Bello University, ZariaAdamawa State University, MubiAdeleke University, Ede
Bayero University, KanoAdekunle Ajasin University, AkungbaAfe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti,Ekiti State 
Federal University, GashauAkwa Ibom State University Of Technology, UyoAfrican University Science & Technology, Abuja 
Federal University Of Petroleum Resources, EffurunAnambra State University Of Science & Technolgy, UliAjayi Crowther University, Ibadan 
Federal University Of Technology, AkureBauchi State University, GaudauAl Hikmah University, Ilorin 
Federal University Of Technology, MinnaBenue State University, MakurdiAmerican University Of Nigerian, Yola 
Federal University, Duste, Jigwa StateBakar Abba Ibrahim University, DamaturuBabcock University, Ilishn Remo 
Federal University, Dustin – Ma, KastinaCross River State University Of Science & Technology, CalabarBaze University 
Federal University, Kashere, Gombe StateDelta State University, AbrakaBenson Idahosa University, Benin City 
Federal University , Lafia, Nasarawa StateEbonyi State University, AbakalikiBingham University, New Karu 
Federal University, Lokoja, Kogi StateEkiti State UniversityBowen University, Iwo 
Federal University, Otuoke, BayelsaEnugu State University Of Science And Technology, EnuguCaleb University, Lagos 
Federal University, Oye – Ekiti, Ekiti StateGombe State University, GombeCaritas University, Enugu 
Federal University, Wukari, Taraba StateIbrahim Badamasi Babangida University, LapiaCETEP City University, Lagos 
Federal University, Binin Kebbi.Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education, RumuolumeniCovenant University, Ota 
Federal University, Gusua.Imo State University,owerriCrawford University Igbesa 
Modibbo Adama University Of Technology, YolaKaduna State University, KadunaCrescent University 
National Open University Of NigeriaKano University Of Science & Technology, WudilElizade University, Ilara Mokin 
Nnamdi Azikwe University, AwkaKebbi State University, KebbiEvangel University, Akaeze ountain University, Osogbo 
University Of Abuja, GwagwaladaKogi Stae University, AnyigbaGodfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu Nike,Enugu State 
Federal University Of Agriculture, AbeokutaKwara State University, IlorinGregory University, Uturu 
University Of Agriculture, MakurdiLadoke Akintola University Of Technology, OgbomosoIgbinedion University Okada 
University Of BeninLagos State University, Ojo, LagosJoseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji – Arakeji 
University Of CalabarNasarawa State University, KeffiKastina University, Kastina 
University Of IbadanNiger Delta University, YenagoaLandmark University, Omu – Aran 
University Of IlorinNorthwest University, KanoLead City University, Ibadan 
University Of JosUmaru Musa Yar’ Adua University, KastinaMadonna University, Okija 
University Of MaiduguriOndo State University Of Science & Technology, OkitipupaMacpherson University, Seriki Sotaya, Ajebo 
University Of UyoOsun State Univer, OshogboNigerian Turkish Nile University, Abuja 
 Plateau State University, BokkosNovena University, Ogume 
 River State University Of Science & TechnologyObong University, Ipetumodu, Osun State 
 Sokoto State University, SokotoPan African University, Lagos 
 Tai Solarin Univ. Of Education, Ijebu – OdePaul University Awka anambra State 
 Taraba State University, JalingoRedeemer’s Universiy, Mowe 
 Technical University, IbadanRenaissance University, Enugu 
  Rhema University, Obeama Asa Rivers State 
  Salem University, Lokoja 
  Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa 
  Southwestern University, Oku Owa 
  Tansian University, Umuya 
  University Of Mkar, Mkar 
  Veritas University 
  Wellspring University, Evbuobanosa Edo State 
  Wesley Univ. Of Science & Tech., Ondo 
  Western Delta University, Oghara 
  Wukari Jubilee University, Wukari

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